Evening and graduation dresses in bulk from the manufacturer

MARYBELLA 2018-Sicily

2018 evening dresses by "Marybella" designers

Modern woman should look stylish, fashionable and beautiful in any circumstances, but if it is a social event, a wedding or a date, then she simply must have a stunning appearance. In addition to hairstyle, make-up and good mood, an important role is played by her evening dress, which for sure will be critically appreciated by those present. That is why on the eve of the 2018 fashion season, girls are already considering their wardrobe.

For their part, "Marybella" designers presented the world with brilliant 2018 evening and graduation dresses, notable for minimalistic silhouettes and accentuated luxury with an abundance of openwork, sparkle of sequins and exquisite embroidery.

As you managed to notice, ball dresses pushed laconic models a bit back, but they still look luxurious with a long train. Despite the fact that 2018 fashion season calls for austerity, our designers decided to add a bit of transparent openness, veiled by an intricate appliqué. Thus, graduation dresses wholesale from the manufacturer "Marybella" can be afforded by both modest and uninhibited fashionable women. You can buy wholesale for your boutiques dresses presented in the collection MARYBELLA 2018-Sicily, of amazing godet silhouette, also straight, short, with a crop top skirt, the mermaid model with a removable train, and, of course, our designers did not miss classic dresses with a corset and a puffy tulle skirt.

As for the color palette of this collection, despite the fact that black color does not leave its position in the evening fashion, our designers have diluted the collection with other interesting color solutions. Exquisite outfits of red, blue, green, blue, purple and soft pastels can become a worthy decoration for any boutique of wedding and evening fashion.