Bridal veil – a touching accessory of the image

Veil is not just a beautiful accessory of the wedding image. Since time immemorial veils have been treated in a special way. A hundred years ago, people believed that a veil would protect a bride from baleful looks. And for some time it has completely covered her head and her face, so that the groom could see the bride’s face only after the ceremony. Then it was ceremoniously replaced with a “headscarf of a married woman”, which symbolized that the girl began a new life.

Luxury veils by “MaryBride” designers

Nowadays, a veil is more a custom than a serious symbol, but “MaryBride” designers offer different and unique models of wedding veils wholesale. Therefore, all the owners of wedding boutiques are able to stock up them with such an important accessory suitable for their wedding dresses. After all, each dress requires a veil of a certain model and length. On the site of our company you can buy wedding veils of the following types wholesale:

  • long;
  • short;
  • double-layered;
  • train veil.

Each product has its own original design and decoration, so the bride who put on one of the works of art made by our designers will feel matchless in some way.

If a bride’s dress is luxurious enough and is richly decorated, then a veil should be simple, so as not to overload the image. We offer such veils of different lengths wholesale. And a modest dress should be decorated with a long veil beautifully embroidered edges. It can drizzle down in single or several layers, making a bride look splendidly and majestically. Visit our official website to buy veils from “MaryBride” designers wholesale.

What fabric is used to make veils?

To complement any wedding attire, we make veils with different hardness degree. It all depends on the size of cells in veiling chosen by a designer. It is the degree of hardness that allows giving the product volume, form the necessary folds, find the desired shape. To create an expressly modest image, it is better to buy a mantilla made of veiling with trimmed edges.

Even if the bride chooses traditional wedding decoration – veil, she can still not be limited in choosing and combining it with other accessories. Veil fits well a diadem, a wreath and a tiara.