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Bridal veil is the most touching accessory of wedding image

Bridal veil is not only a beautiful accessory of bridal wedding image. During all ages people had special attitude to it and expressed it like special element. Even one age ago many people believed that bridal veil can protect a bride from evil sights of different surrounding people. One period, a bride had to cover bride’s face. Therefore, a groom could see his sweetheart in the end of marriage ceremony only. After that in old times, bridal veil had to be changed into special married shawl, which symbolized the start of the new life.

Luxury bridal veils by MaryBride designers

Nowadays bridal veil is deeply connected with some wedding traditions, but it is not some kind of traditional symbol, like it was some centuries ago. However, designers of MaryBride Company offer impressive bridal veils of different models for wholesale buyers. Therefore, wedding salons owners have a great opportunity to buy for their assortments such kind of important wedding accessory, which will be suitable for many wedding dresses. Each wedding dress requires using of different kinds of wedding veils, which can be produced with different lengths. You will be able to make a wholesale purchase of wedding veils on the official website of our company. Please, pay your attention on following kinds of bridal veils:

  • Long bridal veils;
  • Short wedding veils;
  • Two-layered veils;
  • Luxury bridal veils, which look like dresses trains.

Each model has its original design and decor. Therefore, each bride, who will put on wedding veil of our production, will look herself really special. Such product by our designers will make bride’s style really unique.

If bridal dress is really luxury and decorated with many kinds of different decorations, please use simple kind of bridal veil, which will not make your image too bright. We offer such kind of wedding veils with different lengths for our clients. However, simple kind of wedding dresses can be decorated with luxury bridal veils, which are embroidered on edges with beautiful decorations. Such veils are long. This kind of wedding veil can be made of one or two layers, which will make bride’s view more fluffy and impressive. Each client has a great opportunity to make wholesale purchase of wedding veils by MaryBride designers on our official website.

What kind of fabrics is used for wedding veils production?

For making your wedding style perfect, please combine your wedding dress with veils of different rigidity. Everything depends of the size of tulle cells, which was chosen by our designers. The level of rigidity allows giving to each product some volume. In addition it creates required folds with necessary shapes. For creating of reserved wedding image, please think about buying of tulle bridal veil of Spanish style with attractive embroidery on edges.

If a bride wants to make the general accents on traditional wedding accessory called bridal veil, it does not mean that she can use other kinds of accessories. Bridal veil will look pretty harmonious with diadem, wreath or beautiful tiara.