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Veils 2018-Positano

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Collection of designer veils “Positano”: harmony and impeccability of the image

White dress and a veil gently wrapping the shoulders – it is how we imagine a bride. And despite the fact that modern fashion loves experimenting, a veil, by right, remains the most popular bridal headdress. And the lack of it seems to make the image somehow incomplete. Our company presents you a new collection of designer veils named “Positano”, and offers entrepreneurs engaged in wedding clothes trading to purchase veils wholesale from the manufacturer in Ukraine. These delicate fabrics – veiling and lace – evince incredible beauty, luxury and mystery. We offer a wide range of classic veils:

  • of different lengths – to the wrist and to the fingertips, to the knees, to the floor and extra-long becoming a train;
  • with different number of fabric layers – one-, two-, three-layered;
    of various forms – round (oval), cascade;
  • with trimming (satin and guipure edging, cord thread edging, curly edging, decoration in the form of appliqués and laces, volumetric ornaments, etc.) and without such.

 “Positano” set: wedding dress with veil

Harmony in the image only strengthens its perfection. And in order to achieve this, girls have to work hard, choose among the variety of veils that suit their wedding attires to the fullest extent. We simplified the solution of this problem. It is possible to buy veils in a set with dresses from the collection under the same name wholesale from the manufacturer.
More than half a century ago, the famous writer John Steinbeck wrote: “Positano bites deep. It is a dream place that is not: quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone”. Our designers just embodied all the beauty, uncommonness and flair of this small Italian town in the “Positano” collection: weightless veils full of tenderness and prettiness perfectly complement the dresses which are excellent as well.
Now your customers will choose this classic headdress much easier. They can directly follow the recommendations of the manufacturer of veils, prefer a complete set, or create their own. It is worth noting that veils “Positano” were created specially for the brand of wedding dresses from our collection. This means that they will be best combined with the wedding dresses, given the parameters of their length, style, color and trimming.