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Designer wedding dresses

In all times, wedding of each girl was something very special, exciting and unusual. It is a special day, which symbolized a border between unconcerned youth and a new period of life, which is full of cares about husband and future children. In this day each girl applies many efforts for making of a beautiful, charming and unforgettable wedding image.

From our side, designers of Mary Bride Company work away hour after hour to satisfy demands of many owners of wedding salons. We make all to give a good opportunity to businesspersons to buy design wedding dresses of different models with the most fashionable trends.

The newest fashion trends by MaryBride Company

If you will pay your attention on our new collection of wedding dresses of 2017, you will notice that you have a good opportunity to buy design wedding dresses of different cuts and styles. Each customer will be able to buy bridal dresses of forgotten styles of 1960 and the newest modern wedding dresses models. You will be able to find the brightest trends of wedding fashion, such as:

  • Wedding dresses with elegant low neck of V-line, which can be covered with tender kind of lace. If bride wants to choose such kind of wedding dress to her wedding style, this idea can be realized in the best way;

  • You will be able to find different wedding dresses with different length. There are wedding dresses with classical length to the ground, middle length or mini bridal dresses with long, but transparent skirt. Each of these variants will be liked by many brides, because all wedding dresses look really gorgeous. The main question is what kind of wedding dress will be chosen by bride for her wedding celebration. She will be able to open her shoulder, arms or legs with her wedding dress cut.

  • Usage of lace helps to reach an ideal result of special mixture of modesty and luxury in future bridal image;

Instead of traditional white color, our designers propose for brides to pay their attention to pastel tints of wedding dresses in this season. These tints will give to bride’s image more tenderness and delicacy. Nowadays, wedding dresses, with different colors of beige, rose and ivory are the most popular in the world fashion.

Each customer will be satisfied with rich lineup of wedding dresses. You will be able to make wholesale order of design wedding dresses for your wedding salons. We offer to your customers different kinds of bridal dresses like fluffy dresses, “Mermaid” wedding dresses and models of A-line style with a long dress train.