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Collection 2018-Positano

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European wedding dresses

Conservative on the one hand, but full of surprises on the other hand, wedding fashion bring us a lot of surprises every season. 2018 is not an exception, it gave the world European wedding dresses, completely unlike the dresses of the past.

On our website, these outfits make up a collection with the beautiful name "Positano". MaryBride team decided to give this collection the name of the city in Italy, built by the God of the Seas Poseidon in honor of his beloved Pasithea, according to an old legend. And it's no accident, because it included dresses that admire with their tenderness, beauty and uniqueness of silhouettes:

  • air flying compositions, attracting attention due to naturalness, manifested in both the silhouette itself and in the decor. Girls in such dresses look free and easy;

  • open shoulders, giving the image a feeling of sensuality, elegance and grace at the same time;

  • minimalism, which is sure to interest brave and bright brides. These dresses allow focusing on shape and bodyshape of their possessor, without distracting by the glitter of decorative elements;

  • pastel shades. Natural gentle tones perfectly coexist with snow-white, allowing girls to choose dresses that are in harmony with their skincolor;

  • unique design of the back. The collection includes wedding dresses of European style with a naked line of the back, laced with lace, the finest mesh and other intricate design solutions;

  • long sleeves that make the image of the bride pious and elegant, which is extremely important for a girl planning a wedding in church;

  • bows that emphasize the waistline, making the figure slimmer, and the image – more romantic.

As you can see, the "Positano" collection provides a lot of European wedding dresses you can choose from and buy wholesale, they will suit both traditional lavish celebrations and personalized holidays that reflect the concept of bride's nature. 

"Positano" is an individuality in every outfit and a sea of bold decisions!