Fashionable wedding dresses

MARYBELLA 2017-Sicily

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Fashionable wedding dresses

A wedding dress is an outfit that allows a young lasy to feel like a real princess, to enjoy the admiring glances of others. These fashionable wedding dresses are presented in the "Sicily" collection, created by our talented designers.

This collection is a source of pleasant surprises for modern brides. The thing is that it mainly includes classic wedding dresses with luxurious lush skirts, richly decorated with intricate embroidery, elegant appliqués and unique garment accessories. Comfortable transformer dress, consisting of godet dress and a magnificent skirt, which can be removed after the official ceremony, is worthy of attention. It is these models that are able to emphasize the dignity of a beautiful bride's perfect body shape. A bride in a tight white dress with long lace sleeves and a deep V-neck, tightened with the finest elegant mesh can create the real sensation. This composition will allow the girl to have at the same time chaste, charming and seductive look.

2017 trendy wedding dresses and colors

Since tenderness, innocence and natural maiden purity are a symbol of this fashionable season, our designers used white and pastel colors in the "Sicily" collection, as this makes a bride's image magnificent, delicate and romantic. For your boutiques you can

buy fashionable wedding dresses not only of snow-white, but also of ice coffee, ivory, soft blue colors and white wedding dresses with a contrasting belt that emphasizes bride's elegant waistline. 

As you can see, the "Sicily" is a collection of wedding dresses that can make every customer of your boutique a unique, irresistible and, perhaps, happiest bride in the world.