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New Marybella Rome 2018 collection

Wedding fashion, like any fashion, does not stand still, but is constantly evolving, improving, each year giving brides something new, interesting and unusual. Fashion year 2018 that brings us minimalism, pastel color palette and lace in the decor is not an exception.

As you managed to see, when working on the "Rome" collection, designers tried to translate strict cuts into satin textures, adding it delicate accents in the form of inserts on the bodice, translucent sleeves, evening wraps and trains.

Delicate lace in a bride's image

For those who look at the dresses closely, it is impossible to miss the sea of lace of different kinds. It adorns corsets, skirts or the whole wedding attire. Openwork looks impressively on separate elements of the dress without lining – on a train, sleeves, on the neckline or back.

Long sleeves of a modern wedding dress

While working on 2018 wedding dresses, our designers have not forgotten about traditional tenderness and romanticism, so many models in the "Rome" collection come sleeveless. In addition, long sleeves help to adjust the proportions, hide minor flaws, protect against a light evening breeze.

Piquant cutouts in a wedding dress

A lot of attention was paid to the design of the back and décolleté zone. Original design solutions embodied to the 2018 wedding dresses emphasize softness and velvety of gentle girlish back skin, and also fragile shoulders. For customers who are interested in both modest and tempting outfit, you can buy 2018 wedding dresses with openwork inserts on the back. Dresses can be given expressiveness and uniqueness with a series of pearly buttons along the elegant back line, original lacing or lace with the effect of "tattoo".

For brides who consider the dresses too open, our designers suggest to complement their basic outfit with a thin wrap of textured fabric that can protect the bride from a light breeze, and serve as an original wedding accessory. At any time, it can be taken off and the holiday can be continued in a seductive godet dress. 

As you can see, 2018 wedding season from the designers of "Marybella" is a chic variety of wedding dresses decorations and interesting cuts, charm and preciosity in details.